Thursday, July 28, 2011

Whirlwind of a Week

It's officially 9 days til our wedding day! It has definitely been a whirlwind the past week, but I know that none of it will matter by 9 o'clock on Saturday night next week :)

It all began last week when I could not get a hold of the DJ for the all! I emailed and called just about every person in the company and got no response. After a few threats, they miraculously emailed back. Unfortunately, it was a little too late so I fired them.  That's one thing I didn't plan on doing 2 weeks before our wedding, but I did. Now we are in a battle with the credit card company to try to get our money back. Ugh :-/  Fortunately, I found another DJ just in the nick of time and he seems to be a keeper. Just get us through 3 hours next Saturday and I will be happy :)

On top of the DJ issue, my photographer decided to back out on Monday.  Talk about a blow! I quickly leaned on Facebook to help me out.  After calling several photographers, I was just devastated. Everyone was wanting $1,000+.  RIDICULOUS! To say the least, the Lord blessed us with an angel. My great aunt, Mariana, has offered to take the pictures! A huge weight was lifted yesterday when my mom gave me the news.  Whoo hoo!

Not only did we have the DJ and photographer iPhone was shattered on Tuesday! AHHH! I was ready to just curl up in a ball and cry.  Brooke and I went to Six Flags with Christina and the boys on Tuesday and had a great time! While waiting on Brooke to finish a ride, I decided to pull out my phone and text. Unbeknownst to me, there was a race to get to a ride and a kid decided to use me as the short-cut. He ran on my left side, knocking my arm and my phone went flying to the ground. It was shattered! I was not very happy, but didn't allow it to ruin our day of FUN! I am hoping that the BAD THINGS HAPPEN IN 3s CURSE IS OVER!

My list of to-do's is growing by the minute, so I better get busy :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Weekend of FUN!

Our weekends begin on Thursdays around here since Taylor always has 3 days off! We began by going to the Old Settlers Reunion Parade in Hico. So much fun, but HOT! We drove the jeep and took Spur with us, which was exactly what Brooke requested.

The parade was great! It was a HUGE to-do in Hico, which was really unexpected. I guess when you live in a small town, anything is a BIG DEAL! The parade consisted of the football team, volunteer fire department, impressive classic cars, tractors and beauty pageant princesses from all the surrounding areas. To say the least, Brooke is now interested in being in the pageant next year...uh oh! I know for sure that we won't be making it on Toddlers & Tiaras, which is a whole other blog posting :)
Our Sweet Family
I have really been struggling the past couple of weeks with not having friends in the area. Last night was exactly what I needed. We were sitting next to a family at the parade with two young girls, so I decided to introduce myself. My excuse is to always find Brooke friends, but I'm secretly trying to make my own :) They were very nice so we chatted a bit and then they invited us to the carnival/talent show at the Hico Park. Now that was an experience! It was definitely better people watching than the mall :) Brooke wanted to ride a couple of the rides, which maybe she'll take our advice next time and save some money. The talent show kept us entertained for all of about two acts. To say the least, my brain is already working on something for next year! All in all, it was a fun evening and we made new friends out of it. A definite Godsend!

Friday was the best day of all!!! We had decided to go get our marriage license, which we did, but we just had a little surprise prior to getting it. Anne had been in Sweetwater getting her new house ready for moving in and was headed back to Austin. She texted me mid-morning and asked if she could surprise Brooke by dropping by.  OF COURSE!  I was so excited!  First of all, Anne had never been to our house and I am always thrilled to show it off.  Secondly, I knew that this would make a memory to last a lifetime for Brooke.  After talking to Taylor, we decided to meet Anne in Dublin at the Dr. Pepper Plant to eat some lunch and to reveal the surprise to Brooke.  It worked perfectly!

Brooke closed her eyes as we pulled up and I got my camera ready. Of course my battery went out at the very moment she was running into Anne's arms, but thank goodness for my iPhone. It was a sight to see! We enjoyed a yummy lunch at the Dublin Dr. Pepper Plant with Anne.

After lunch it was on to the Court House in Stephenville for our marriage license! As you can see, Taylor is still having to get used to the "marriage" thing, but he's coming around :)

We then took Anne to see our house and of course took some pictures :)

All this fun and just to think, we still have two days to enjoy!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The New Chapter

In just 17 days, I will officially be Mrs. Taylor Smith! I have waited a LONG time to find my Prince Charming and I can't wait to be his wife. Taylor is one amazing man! He always finds the positive in whatever may come around and helps others at the drop of a hat. I am so blessed!

We have been blessed ten-fold! All I ever wanted was for someone to accept Brooke and me as a package deal and Taylor accepted that without any hesitation. It has been so neat to see their relationship blossom over the past two years. Taylor treats Brooke like his own, which is a precious sight to see!