Monday, May 21, 2012

Baby Makes 4!

We are thrilled to announce that Baby Smith will be arriving in January!

We had just had dinner with our friends in Granbury and due to Taylor being on call, we had to go our separate ways afterwards. I had taken a pregnancy test the previous Tuesday and it was negative. Of course my feelings were hurt, but Taylor reassured me that the Lord will bless us in His time. Since I was late, I decided to go ahead and pick up a test on the way home after dinner. I put Brooke to bed, went in the bathroom and waited the LONGEST 3 minutes of my life. Long behold, I saw the 2 lines and immediately started saying, "Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!" My heart was pounding more than ever. I needed to tell SOMEONE, but sure didn't want to tell Taylor over the phone. (Have I mentioned how much I HATE living in 2 different houses?) I decided to go downstairs so that Brooke couldn't hear anything. I took a picture of the test and immediately texted it to Taylor. As soon as I pushed send, I called and...

T: Hey
S: Hi! What are you up to?
T: I just got home. What about you?
S: Oh nothing (yeah right!). Hey, did you get my text?
T: Text? No. 
S: Hmmm. OK. Well I'll guess I'll talk to you tomorrow.

He was killing me! I thought about possibly waiting until Saturday (this was on a Monday) to tell him at his rodeo, but I for sure couldn't keep that kind of secret THAT LONG! I couldn't stand it any longer...I called him back :) 

T: Hi
S: Hey! Did you get my text yet?
T: No. What's going on?
S: Well, I took a test was positive!
T: (Long period of silence) Are you sure?
S: Well, it looks that way. Do you want me to take another one?

So test #2 it was! I went back upstairs, took the test, waited the LONG 3 minutes and was positive, too! I texted the picture and words "#2 Positive!" Let's just say that neither one of us got much sleep that night. We talked on the phone and texted most of the night, still in shock! We both decided that we needed to tell Brooke before we told anyone else. We had decided to meet in Granbury again on Wednesday so that both of us could tell her. That Tuesday at work was one of the LONGEST days of my life! I was ready to scream it to the mountaintops, but I didn't :) I was supposed to work late that night for an Art Exhibit, but I couldn't stand it any longer. Taylor had texted me early morning asking if there was anyway that we could meet that night. I worked it out with my team and CIT that I could be excused from the exhibit and meet Taylor in Granbury. I was thrilled!

So after school, I told Brooke that dad and I had a surprise for her and that she just needed to take a nap and we would be there when she woke up. Of course, that came with questions, but she finally fell asleep and our drive was on! We met at our favorite restaurant, ate dinner and the rest is in the video:

Let our family of FOUR begin!

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  1. The texting is too funny...I would've been freaking out too! I was home alone when I found out too...I had to wait almost two hours for Michael to get home from Tyler!!! And, I LOVE that you took a video of Brooke...I'm SO excited for you girlie!! CONGRATS!!!!! :)