Monday, May 21, 2012

Catch Up Time!

After seeing that everyone's updating their blogs on Facebook, I realized that it had been way too long since I had updated mine. The sad thing is that I couldn't even remember the name of mine! Thanks Becky for reminding me :)

So much has happened since I last blogged in October, but rest assured that I won't fill you in on EVERYTHING!

We spent Thanksgiving at Ken and Becky's with about 50 friends and family.

Christmas was spent in the country and it was absolutely perfect! Anne, Gee and Gramps spent the day with us before we headed out to NM for a mini-vacation.

January brought LOTS of changes to our lives. We  moved to Benbrook and I got a job teaching Kindergarten at my old school. To say the least, having to keep 2 houses clean is a full-time job in itself! We couldn't have asked for a better transition. Brooke absolutely loves being back with her old friends, although she continuously asks when we can move back to Hico. It will always be home! The staff and team welcomed me with open arms and I immediately felt like I was back at home. Kindergarten is different, but it's exactly where I need to be!

I celebrated my 30th birthday in February! Crazy how 30 seemed so old a few years ago :)

In April, heaven gained another angel with welcoming Grandma Frances to the pearly gates. We wish it would have been under different circumstances, but it was Brooke's first time to visit NM. She absolutely loved it! We took her to White Sands and we couldn't have asked for more perfect weather!

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