Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Oh my! Can I push the PAUSE button on life right now? Between closing down a classroom, feeling sick as a dog, closing up one house for the summer and moving to another, baby doctor appointment and court...this girl is beyond STRESSED!

We spent Memorial Day Weekend in the country and it was so enjoyable (for the most part). Saturday was spent cleaning for our "BIG" cookout before Taylor's rodeo in Dublin that evening. Well let's just say that what started out being 20-25 coming, ended up being all of 7 people. Talk about frustrating...but oh well! After eating hotdogs, we headed to Dublin for the Double N Cowboy Church Rodeo. It's a rodeo that runs once a month in the summer and then they have a finals rodeo in September. We typically do pretty well, although Saturday night didn't go so pretty. We got 2nd in Sorting and 4th in Muggin'...'nough said :)

Sorting: Josh is on the lead horse and has to get one cow out at a time, beginning with the number the judge gives them. Getting 4 across is excellent!

When Taylor wasn't on his horse, Pumpkin, then Brooke rode him around the whole arena. Taylor is thrilled that she found her love for horses again!
Brooke riding Pumpkin
Sunday we went to church and, of course, Harry preached exactly what I needed to hear: PRAYER! Brooke begged for us to go to Cici's Pizza afterwards, but I never feel like eating there. Sorry Sweet Pea! Now Harry and Carron on the other hand, don't mind it a bit and asked if they could take Brooke to eat and then bring her home later. I was hesitant, but I know that they absolutely love spending time with her and Brooke adores it even more! I wasn't feeling so hot in the first place, so Taylor and I grabbed a bite to eat and then went home for a nap. After a 3 HOUR nap (I never do that!) I woke up at 5 and called to check on Brooke. She was having a blast :) 

Taylor has been working so hard on restoring his Land Cruiser. I can't find any before pictures, but the after ones are great! It is so much fun to drive :)

Well since Taylor loves to drive his new Jeep Land Cruiser and Brooke loves to ride in it...they decided to go for a little Daddy/Daughter drive to the ice cream store (aka Wranglers Convenience Store).

I was up all night on Sunday still feeling miserable! On Monday morning Taylor encouraged me to go to the doctor. I happened to call the minor emergency clinic in Granbury before I drove the 45 minutes and asked if I was even wasting my time with being pregnant and sick. They said that I needed to go straight to the ER. Great! Just what I wanted to do on my day off. I quickly called Harry and Carron to see if Brooke could stay with them while Taylor and I ran to the hospital in Glen Rose. They loved the request! We dropped Brooke off at 8:30, we were the ONLY people in the waiting room along with the admittance rooms and we walked out of there at 10:30 with a diagnosis of "sore throat." ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I was running 102 fever, had a sore throat, runny/stuffy nose, horrible cough, etc and all you diagnose me with is a SORE THROAT?! Three days later my cough is awful, but I do feel like it will come to an end eventually. IT HAS TO!

Tuesday at work was not the best of all days. Not feeling good and the stress load did me in. There is so much that goes into closing up for a school year. Trying to get report cards done, comment cards typed, desks cleaned, personal stuff packed, Kindergarten gifts made, etc....It never ends! Not only all that, but I then get a call from my attorney that said I HAD to go to his office and get paperwork, look it over and then call him on it the next morning. REALLY?! Doesn't the whole world know what I'm going through? If not, well they should. HA! Yeah right! Pity party ended right then and there. I drove the hour to Denton after school and then the 2 hours home. Thank goodness I have one AWESOME husband that brought home red gerber daisies to put a huge smile on my face :)

We went as a family to see the OB today. Absolutely love her! She is so gentle and sweet and kind. So many things are different from when I had Brooke almost 10 years ago. She is very understanding and didn't make me feel stupid at all...that's a plus! I was kind of disappointed that we didn't get to hear the baby's heartbeat or even a mini-sonogram, but that's ok. She took blood-work and we scheduled a sonogram for June 20. I will be very anxious for that appointment! Here is my belly bump already...
Baby Smith - 5 weeks
As many of you know, tomorrow is a HUGE day for our family. Our court date has finally arrived and we are ready to face what the Lord has planned for us. While checking out at the doctor's office today, one of the ladies had this as her screen saver...
Image Detail 

This is EXACTLY what I needed to read today! We pray that everything goes in our favor tomorrow, but we know realistically things may not. We do know that the Lord hears prayer (which we do nonstop in our household) and that... 

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