Monday, June 11, 2012

Cooking, Cowboys and Concussion...Oh My!

The past week has been one of the busiest in a while! I have cooked for between 6 and 20 people for the past week and this Momma is WORN OUT! Taylor's dad, Wes, drove in from New Mexico on Monday to spend the week with us for his 60th birthday and to see Taylor in the 2012 All Around Ranch Rodeo in Glen Rose. I cooked Beef and Broccoli with Fried Rice on Monday night for us and Wes. I cooked New Mexican style enchiladas for us, Wes, Lindsay and Doug on Tuesday night. On Wednesday, Grandma Mary (Wes' mom) flew in from New Mexico so I cooked Cajun Chicken Pasta, Friend Corn and Texas Toast for all of us over at Doug and Lindsay's house. The 3R Ranch Rodeo Team drove in on Thursday, so I fed everyone hamburgers at our house before going to the rodeo. Friday is a blur to me. On Saturday at lunch I fed everyone hamburgers again (all I had left). Finally, on Sunday I topped it all off with feeding 20 people at our house Chile Rellenos, Spanish Rice, Beans and all the fixings. WHEW! Thank goodness for Chicken Express being close for dinner tonight :)

The 2012 All Around Ranch Rodeo in Glen Rose was very enjoyable. I love cheering Taylor and his team on in all the events! We spent Thursday thru Saturday at the arena so we got to know it really well :) There were 20 teams that went on Thursday, 20 on Friday and then the top 5 teams from each night (plus 2 Wild Card Teams) went to the Finals on Saturday. We were up on Friday. They had the sorting and branding at 2:00 in the afternoon, since those are the uneventful events, and then they had bronc riding, muggin' and wild cow milking in the evening. It made for VERY long days! Unfortunately, I am unable to upload my videos of the guys in action.
My AMAZING Family!

Brooke, Makenzie and Tyla

On Saturday afternoon they had a FREE Stick Horse Rodeo for all the kids. Brooke usually doesn't participate, but since Josh and Briana's kids entered that was a great encouragement for her! She competed in the Barrel Racing and Bronc Riding.

Brooke Barrel Racing

Brooke Bronc Riding

Brooke won 4th in the Barrel Racing and 3rd in the Bronc Riding! She got ribbons and a new hat that was too small. Taylor already said that he would be replacing it :) Brooke also got new spurs from CowPaw!

Friday night was one of the scariest nights of my life. Anytime that Taylor saddles up on a bronc my heart beats faster than ever, my palms begin to sweat, I get VERY restless and my whole body shakes. Friday night began like all the others. Taylor was the first rider out of the chute...

Taylor's Bronc Ride

It happened faster than anything and we still aren't sure what knocked him out. We are pretty sure that he was out before he hit the ground, but who knows. The worst part was that it happened right in front of us. Brooke was on the front row and I was sitting right behind her. As soon as he got bucked off, I leaned over the railing to see him and all I saw was a limp body on the arena ground. I remember yelling hysterically, "Get up Taylor! Get up Taylor!" I remember hearing Brooke screaming, "Dad! Dad! That's my Dad!" I immediately jumped the railing and that's when the paramedics and several other men ran over to help. Taylor was out for over 2 minutes. Once he woke up he told the paramedics that he was fine. The paramedics disagreed. He knew his name and where he was, but other than that he was clueless. Thankfully they allowed him to sit up and gain some strength to walk off with assistance. The next thing I knew, he was back on a horse for the Muggin' event! He almost fell jumping off to tie the cow down, walked right into his horse and then had difficulties mounting back on the horse. THEN he was out roping for the Wild Cow Milking! Oh my! He is one tough cowboy, but his wife was one worried girl! I spent the night waking Taylor up every 2 hours to make sure he was responsive. He continued to have headaches on Saturday and Sunday, but I made him sit and rest most of the time. I told him that if he wasn't better by Monday that I was taking him to the ER for an MRI. Funny how the first thing he said to me when he woke up was, "I feel much better!" HA! He went to the chiropractor this morning and they adjusted his neck and hips, which seems to have helped the headaches and soreness. Being a bronc rider's wife is scary and stressful, but I love supporting my husband in what he loves to do!

Taylor won the Hard Luck Award at the awards ceremony on Saturday evening. He was awarded a buckle and new hat. The entire All Around Ranch Rodeo can be seen on RFD-TV in July (I think).

So thankful for great family, friends and a job that allows me a few months to rest in the summer!

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