Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Almost Over...

Who knew you could bleed for almost 2 weeks and not die?! Well this girl is SICK and TIRED of it! I feel like it's just prolonging the sadness and hurt, but it's almost least that is what I have been told.

I went back to the doctor today for a check-up to see if I had passed everything. NOPE! The first words out of the ultrasound tech's mouth were, "Well, looks like you still have quite a bit in there." Definitely NOT the words that I wanted to hear! The doctor then came in for another exam...SIDE NOTE: I am so tired of being poked and prodded!!! First of all, it isn't comfortable. Second of all, the doctors beginning their statements with, "I'm just going to..." REALLY?! JUST! JUST! JUST! There is nothing JUST about anything that I have had to endure the past 2 weeks. Thirdly, the aftermath is the worst! Ok, I'm done venting.

After the exam and an additional ultrasound, she suggested that I could either do a D&C or take some medication that would make my stomach cramp and try to push it out myself. I opted for the medication. I will go back for another appointment tomorrow afternoon. If it hasn't cleared out on its own, then I will have a D&C tomorrow afternoon. No matter what, this forever long chapter in our lives will finally be over tomorrow at some point!

Now it is on to taking medication every 4 hours and enduring some of the most intense pain I've probably ever experienced. Praying for the best and knowing that as soon as this is done we can start trying for another!

Where's Brooke during all of this?

The Lord's timing is always perfect :) A couple of months ago my parents asked if Brooke wanted to attend a Science Camp at the university where my mom works. Brooke jumped at the chance and it happened to be this week. Perfect timing!

Brooke is having a GREAT time and really learning a lot! She is what keeps me smiling when the days get rough...
Ready for Camp! Mom says that she has worn this shirt EVERY DAY!

The Tooth Fairy paid a visit to Gee and Gramp's House!

Made our day!

My Everything! Taylor has been one AMAZING husband through this whole ordeal. He has put up with the tears, the depression, the moodiness, the doctor appointments, the messy house, the unclean laundry, the running to the Hico Walmart  Dollar General for pads, the no food in the house and the ridiculous arguments that I seem to provoke (stupid hormones). He's the BEST...'nough said!

Lunch at Stumpy's before the doctor appointment :)

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